Various Artists : Stilllysm (SCD003)

The Brussels-based label's first compilation, Stilllysm, confirms a commitment to best in organic electronic post-pop music with melancholic tinge.

The comp includes music from established artists such as Mitchell Akiyama, Aoki Takamasa, aMute, Ghislain Poirier, Peter Principle, Off The Sky, Benjamin Lew... as well as newer names, including the post-jazz duo Tangtype, the sonic destructured post-rock of Mikale De Graff, the extremely talanted and catchy Holiday for Strings (who will soon release their official debut album as a co-production between Stilll and Intr-Version) and many other excellent surprises such as Immune and Nox, both future releases from Stilll.

Sometimes melodic and dynamic, other times vast, contemplative and ambient, Stilllysm is a cohesive and powerful record that will listeners in anticipation of the great things to come from this new label.