The Guilty Brothers Experience : TGBE ! (SCD015) BRAND NEW RELEASE

The Stilll label is proud to present their first pure rock release since its beginning !
TGBE ! is the first record from The Guilty Brothers Experience, probably one of the best Belgian rock band of the moment. With their ability to synthetize decades of musical genres in one epic opus, the Brothers have managed to enhance their powerful live shows in a damn fresh and wide album.

Going in the shallow waters of pure heavy rock to the sweetest sides of post-punk influences, the band delivers a complex and tremendous music. Psych rock and a few shoegaze highlights also help the 12 tracks to get its places among names like Led Zeppelin, The Mars Volta or Faith No More.  Months and months of studio aside from people like Rudy Coclet (Arno, Sharko, Mud Flow...), Jeuc Dietrich (aMute, Dietrich…), Manu Hermia (Slang, Mamady Keita... ) and many other guests have given birth to one of the most epic rock album a Belgian band has ever delivered.

Worldwide release date : Mid April 2010

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12€ on Digipack CD including post worldwide.

aMute : Infernal Heights for a Drama - SCD014 SLP001

aMute's last album is still available ! Don't pass through these amazing 48 minutes of genre crossing rock. The first album from aMute as a band.

Infernal Heights... is certainly ambitious in its scope and the amount of musical ground it attempts to cover, and that ambition is not left unfulfilled. There are elements of post-rock, prog, jazz, glitch, electro, folk and even classical influences at work. This willingness to experiment will certainly not be to the tastes of all, but it does not render the music inaccessible. To the contrary, beneath its weighty surface, is a warmth and a sense of purpose, and even though, after the album has finished, you feel as if you’ve just returned from working undercover in a hostile land, you miss it, and want to go back. - Steve Gislam for Tiny Tapes. 

CD or LP

Available on CD and LP. 
CD : 12€. 
180g LP : 14€ 
Both Including post fee.

De Portables : Top Less is More (SCD011) - Vegetarian Bbq (SCD013) - Haut Gay (SCD010)

We are happy to offer you a bundle with the three De Portables releases. These 3 cd's are available for the price of 15€ including post.  De Portables are a Belgian rock band formed in Ghent in 1996, who are steadily becoming one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed acts in the history of popular music. Since their international stardom, the group consists of Jürgen De Blonde (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Bertrand Lafontaine (guitar, bass guitar, vocals), Wio D’Hespeel (guitar, drums, vocals) and Hans Gruyaert (drums, guitar, vocals). Rooted in postrock and 1990s indierock, the group later started working in many genres ranging from folk rock to psychedelic pop, often incorporating classical and other elements in innovative ways.                                   

Costa Music : Lighter Subjects (SCD012)

Incredible first solo release by Joseph Costa (L'Altra), pure and beautiful electro sad pop filled with piano, guitars and intense vocals.  Costa Music is the brainchild of musician Joseph Costa. Joesph was once a member of L’Altra has come out on his own for his solo debut. “Lighter Subjects” sees a mix of electronic, folk and chamber pop elements all fused together. Costa also brought in a number of talented people to help out as well including Telefon Tel Aviv’s Josh Eustis to mix the record and including cellist Fred lonber-Hol and Kevin Duneman from The Race.
The record on a whole has a really tender record with delicate instrumentation that can be likened to a M83 or even a The Notwist. The album starts of with “As I Go Between” gets you sucked in with its xylophone like sound and and the patting drum beat. The thing that I like about the song is how well the vocals just seem to wove together. “Feathers” could potentially become a stable in my late night listening. The song has this sense of with Costa’s dull set tones combined with that distant horns and the light trickle of a beat make this one great chill out piece. “Sounds Like A Sigh” starts off with a broken beat and some gorgeous tones are into the background in this beautiful good/evil battle. “Lack of Light” begins with this beautiful orchestra movement. Then the sad chords of the piano and crash into the vocals. Then at about two minutes in when things sound like they are going south in one of the most beautiful moments on record this year this tranquil moment just completely overtook me. “Southern States” closes off the album with this weird slightly country twang. The guitar riffs and the crashing drums and it just ends suddenly and I just simply want more.
“Lighter Subjects” gives you just enough and never overstays its welcome. The nine tracks are a perfect taster for this blend of electronic and folk elements. The arrangements are incredible complex at times. From ComfortComes.

A Perfect Friend : APF (SCD009)

Brilliant song writting by Swedish duo A Perfect Friend. A masterpiece melting glitch, electronic, guitars and folk. 
 "[APF] do a great job of crafting a very organic album out of mostly sounds created from electronic knickknacks. It stutters and clicks and crackles, but is always counteracted with warm touches of acoustic guitar, accordion, organ or something else with a very autumnal tone" From

Babils : The Joint Between (SCD008)

Psychedelia out of Belgium. That's how you could try to describe this work of art. Think about the good old Kraut years and the tension of bands such as Acid Mothers Temple, Gong and Can. 

"Interestingly one of the more astounding tracks is “Coca hygienique”, even though it has a more gentle approach and contrasts the complex drums with an interesting guitarsound that is a mix between surfpunk and Henry Cow. (I have no idea if the title refers to the cleaning capabilities of drugs or to the urban legend that you can prevent pregnancies by washing the vagina with coke the softdrink after sex – don’t trust it, by the way, it doesn’t work…) An interesting release also for the direction still is taking as a label, where I was getting used to gentle and composed electronica and electronic pop, so this thunderstorm of noise and power improvisation really makes for an interesting surprise." From

Baja : Maps/Systemalheur (SCD007)

Do not try to classify this release. It is impossible. So many boundaries are crossed through this album, so many genres and emotions... Glitch, electronica, jazz ? You may think of The Books in its approach of freedom.  
"It's not that Maps/Systemalheur resists being brainy. It's just that the intellectualism at work in Baja's music is located in the listening, detected in the way it emotes intelligently rather than intelligently references emotion. By making process and reward one in the same, mirroring the obstinacy and arbitrary nature of human emotions, Vujanic is using electronic music in a way that makes it less a statement about media or a contemporary discussion about subverting conventional songwriting than a tool of matter-of-factness; Vujanic is a Apollonian fully aware of the necessity of his Dionesian counterpart, returning us to a more fundamental discussion about how words may never encapsulate what it is we want to say, or how music makes us feel." From

Vedette : Vedette (SCD006)

The idea behind Vedette's madness could be summarized as a mix between minimal Hip-Hop ala Anticon and a cellar full of toys ! 

The songs on Vedette's self-titled album are disturbed collages of dirty experimental hip-hop (a la CLOUDDEAD), illuminated like stained glass by vividly poetic lyrical rays.Their debut album takes root in the muddy earth of neo-deconstructed pop, where XIU XIU serenely intertwines with CAPTAIN BEEFHEART. Vocalist Neil Carlill was a founding member of DELICATESSEN and Manuel Stagars is a composer, artist and producer who has recorded many experimental/ambient albums and participated in Art Installations in Europe and America.

Holiday For Strings : CD (SCD005)

HFS first full-length release was titled CD and came out in 2006 on Stilll. It's a post rocking, groove based album that earned them an opening slot on the 2007 European tour with Peter, Bjorn and John. The album was described by the music magazine Wire as "an unholy alliance between The Monochrome Set and the B52's."

Immune : Sound Inside (SCD004)

Sold out

Il n’est pas question ici, vous l’aurez compris, d’un disque facile. La musique d’Immune ne se laisse approcher qu’après moultes tractations et négociations, en jurant notamment de revenir à une écoute bien moins directe et spontanée que l’impose l’ensemble de la production musicale actuelle. Toutes proportions gardées, Immune est à la pop ce que Ligeti est à la musique classique, le côté obscur, la face nord, la plus inaccessible, mais à l’arrivée, la plus belle. Les lignes mélodiques y sont suggérées, les répétitions de phrases tristes imprègnent l’auditeur d’une moiteur étrangement maternelle. Sensation sûrement due au choix d’instrumentations essentiellement organiques, appuyées par des boucles électro savamment dosées, notamment le piano, omniprésent mais pas envahissant - ce paradoxe à lui seul suffit à souligner l’extrême finesse de cette musique. Même si la basse aurait mérité d’être un peu plus en avant, la production de ce disque semble avoir pour mot d’ordre l’épure. Et de nos jours, l’équation "musique = épure" relève de la gageure, et rien que pour ce choix courageux il convient de féliciter Immune.
Enfin, il y a cette voix, celle de Gary Soubrier, incroyablement douce, ronde, chaude et friable. Les amateurs d’Elbow savent de quoi il en retourne. Cette voix est le pendant rassurant de cette musique transcutanée, cette musique qui ne se contente pas de se laisser écouter mais qui envahit l’auditeur et le pénètre par tous ses pores, lui mettant tous les sens en éveil. Immune est actuellement en cours d’enregistrement, inutile de préciser que l’attente devient pénible. From

Various Artists : Stilllysm (SCD003)

The Brussels-based label's first compilation, Stilllysm, confirms a commitment to best in organic electronic post-pop music with melancholic tinge.

The comp includes music from established artists such as Mitchell Akiyama, Aoki Takamasa, aMute, Ghislain Poirier, Peter Principle, Off The Sky, Benjamin Lew... as well as newer names, including the post-jazz duo Tangtype, the sonic destructured post-rock of Mikale De Graff, the extremely talanted and catchy Holiday for Strings (who will soon release their official debut album as a co-production between Stilll and Intr-Version) and many other excellent surprises such as Immune and Nox, both future releases from Stilll.

Sometimes melodic and dynamic, other times vast, contemplative and ambient, Stilllysm is a cohesive and powerful record that will listeners in anticipation of the great things to come from this new label.

Off The Sky : It is impossible to say what I mean (SCD002)

Second release from the Stilll Label with a clear electronica tedency ! 
Off The Sky "It is impossible to say just what I mean", a line in T.S. Eliot' s poem "The love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock", fits apropos as title-to-idea for the artists on-going struggle to transcend innate social limitations. And in the process of completing this album, Off The Sky (Kentucky based Jason Corder) successfully crossed many boundaries through working with countless musicians to form a diverse sound. "It is impossible to say just what I mean" deftly fuses atmospheric-electronic sensation with heart-felt, post-rock melodies that exists truly as a work of poetry in motion.

Arden : Conceal (SCD001)

SPECIAL PRICE : 9€ including post. for this first release from the super band Arden. 
Arden is the new band of Mitchell Akiyama, aMute and sogar. For friends of Colleen, Fennesz and Keith Fullerton Whitman.
Arden is a Belgian-Canadian-French six-piece band that unites the forward-thinking micro-forces of Mitchell Akiyama, aMute, sogar, Jeuc Dietrich, Christophe Bailleau, and Sébastien Roux. Their debut, "Conceal", was conceived across a three day production bender at an old house nestled in beautiful Belgian country. The album's style marries a minimal-electronic approach with post-rock sensibilities from each artist's sonic palette to birth an entirely unique provisational sound. "Conceal" is a delightful production piece with unlimited moments of candid melodic beauty that spring into dynamically intense yet masterfully contained emotive exaltations.